Good afternoon lovelies!  Today has been a GOOD day!  I got to experience the overwhelmingness that is HomeGoods with Stacey.  It was hard to take everything in... I don't think I could go in that store without picking up an amazing find!  We started off the afternoon with a much needed lunch... Stacey introduced me to a new place downtown Mission, KS... it is amazing!  I should have taken a picture of it to share with you

These are some of my amazing finds this afternoon!  2 neat shelves, a gift box that I LOVE and some micro-fiber cloths! I also got this cute rug for my 1/2 bathroom on our main level!

I think it looks really good with the green walls... and it is a pretty small space... fits perfectly!

Now... I have also been working on some 'home decor' projects... here is my progress... I'd LOVE your thoughts!

Project #1.  This wall is in our living room (down a couple of steps from the open kitchen/dining area)  
I have finally decided what I think this wall needs...

Thanks to the wonderful prices at Target... I found these adorable shelf set

Here is the result!  I don't know if this is the final draft of what I will arrange on them.  But I would LOVE your thoughts here.  I need a good place for this beautiful painting... my brother got this for me while in Florence, Italy!  I. LOVE. IT. So I need a place to display it so everyone can see!

Project #2. I have been trying to decide if I need to do something different with my mantle.  I am on the search for some white framed mirrors to hang above the fireplace... or 1 giant mirror... who knows... it is really hard for me to decide on this stuff.  

***side note***  We painted the fireplace white- so please ignore the off-white tile b/c we have plans to change them, along with the fireplace front thing. 

Here is a close-up of the mantel... I would love any suggestions you may have.

Ok... I got these adorable vase filler wicker balls... any thoughts on how to use them?  I have a few empty vases I can try... but.. I was hoping to get some other ideas from my lovely readers! - No pressure.... :)

Hope you all have a great Saturday... I'm heading on a date with the hubby! 


  1. LOVE home goods. even when i'm having a crappy day, that place just makes me so happy. i can't walk out without spending at least $50. such an addiction. haha

  2. Okay, brace yourself for some MAJOR inspiration:

    From The Lettered Cottage:
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    Aaaand more ideas:

  3. I LOVE all of your additions to the house :)
    I would probably spend every penny of my savings if I went into a store like that!!

  4. Super cute wall!! I love how you arranged that just the way it is. I love your mantle! Mirrors would be adorable there, but if you wanted to change some things, I would try some flower in a vase or something since it's spring! Try different heights of things also.

    The wicker balls would look super cute in a small bowl on a coffee table or somewhere. Just throw them in something! They will look adorable!

  5. Raylene!!! HI!!! Okay so I randomly found your blog from somebody who commented on mine?! Stacey from Whatever is Lovely. I was looking at her blog and happened to glance over at her followers and saw you:)

    How are you?! Love your blog!!!

  6. I LOVE Home Goods!! I really like the trio of shelves. I think an over sized mirror would look great over your fireplace! I love what you have done so far, it is really cute!