So I don't talk a lot about my work - and I don't really plan on making it a regular topic here, so sorry to get your hopes up, Internet. #HRprobz

Today {like many other days} I am really excited about work.  Let me tell you - I really enjoy what I do.  I work in HR and I'm in love with all things: process improvement, reporting, auditing, process mapping, problem solving,  internal customer service, regulations, compliance, policies, and onboarding.  I love the challenge that comes with each of these things.

After about a year into my MBA I realized... I found my nitch.  I found my passion - HR.  It was a wonderful realization considering all through college (until my last semester, in fact) I thought I wanted to be a Biblical Counselor - planned to head straight to graduate school after I graduated.  I'm so thankful the Lord had another plan.  I always seem to like His plan-A best from the get go looking back.  Funny how that works 100% of the time... and about 95% of the time I'm convinced otherwise.

Back to HR - I'm in love.  {Don't worry - not the workaholic kind of 'love' - the respectful kind of work-love}

After 2.5 years in the industry, I'm seriously so excited about HR, I'm giddy.  Honeymoon stage?  Maybe... but I'm living it up.  I'm currently getting to learn new tools that we use every day, and getting to be creative with some internal websites.  I can't help but smile just typing those words.

So a little about my career goals {currently}:

*Disclaimer: this is not a contract of any sort.  The terms defined within this hereby written goal are subject to change at any time.  Also: other goals as assigned.* #HRhumor  {and I can hear the 'unsubscribe' button being clicked on a few computers even now...#sorrynotsorry}

My current short-term personal career goal is to learn as much about HR as I can in the first 5 years of my career.  Taking in the processes, policies, solving problems, auditing, and all things compliance.  I'm in a position to do just that... learn a TON about HR.  So excited about where I'm at.

While we're on the subject - I think I'd like to be in HR leadership eventually.  However, I tend to have the most respect for leaders who spent time dedicated to growing themselves in the midst of the everyday HR duties.  Investing in the tools, resources, and people-knowledge that surrounds them.  So I'm enjoying this stage of my career - getting to invest in my career growth and development.  Servant leadership is the style I hope to emulate one day.  I get excited thinking about leadership and being a part of the strategizing for the company, and HR specifically.

Internet, that is all I wanted to say.  I. love. my. job.

What do you do?  What are your favorite things about your job?