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life rearranged


On labor day we spent some serious time being labor-less... Molly won.

Every few months I get to have lunch with Cathy.  She was my 'work mom' when I worked at a local bank.  I love getting to spend some quality time with her over some yummy pizza at our usual lunch spot.  Well we usually see this other customer that is always there when we're there.  He is an older guy and is always by himself.  He sits in the same place {as do we} and observes those around him eating lunch.  After he left - our usual waitress came over and told us that 'Kent paid for your lunch, ladies'.  HOW precious is that?  A random act of kindness..  seriously made my week.  The waitress continued to tell us that he does that pretty regularly - finds a table to pay for... just to life someone's day.  We felt so blessed by him that friday afternoon.  Thank you, sir.  


This picture didn't make it on instagram... but my parents got Scott and I a joint birthday gift this year.... isn't he beautiful?!  We don't know how to use it... but we are stoked to test it out!!!  He looks really good on our patio!

Got to hang out with the Franzes' last weekend!  It had been too long... I love her smile. :)

News alert:  I'm being challenged.... pulled outside my comfort zone.  {kind of self-inflicted too}.  October 4th from 6-10pm our church is having our annual fall women's conference.  I was challenged to spend time each day this summer to reflect on the glory of God.  Wow.  It was a great challenge for me - I'm so thankful to have been  a part of it.  So the 4-5 of us that committed to a summer of focusing on the glory of God will be sharing our journey.  I have been trusted with 10 minutes.  Praying even know that the Lord is glorified through this evening.  Hope you all can make it!

Last weekend we got to celebrate Cameron!  He turned 22 - so young! {of course, internet... we played TSwift's song at least 22 times for him}.  We had a blast - first at Cheesecake Factory, then at mini golf!  Happy birthday Cameron!!!

Went to see the twins play in the band and sing in the choir at the annual Dairy Queen social!

Another picture that didn't quite make it to instagram.  I might be shunned for even posting it here... but we had the opportunity to have dinner with this beautiful couple.  I love how evident their love for Christ is - it literally overflows from them.  Dawn and Mike will be married next month and Scott is playing a song while Dawn sings.  So we HAD to have a practice session {any excuse to spend some time with them is fine by me}.  They are such a blessing!

Last night Laina returned the surprise attack and showed up to Launch!! She drove the 40 minutes from school to come spend time with us... loved having her here in the flesh!

Scott and I didn't have any real set in stone plans this evening.  So we took advantage of the opportunity and went on a date.  On our way I was in awe of God's majesty .... such a beautiful sunset. This one is on instagram... but there are no filters here... the beauty of that picture is all God!

Date night!  I can't say enough about this man.  We had our favorite BBQ! YUM! 
{Oklahoma Joe's, did you even have to ask?} 

What are some of your favorite moments from this past week or two?!

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