1. Picmonkey for letting me create the pretty picture above... for FREE!

2. Monday is over.  Not sure why but today was an all around Monday.  
3. Leftovers.  Let's be clear - only certain leftovers... but those are the ones I'm talking about {glad we got that cleared up}

3. Fall.  I am not sure why it is this way... but with the fall season comes quieter evenings... a glimmer of a slower pace to life.... a beautiful smell outside... more snuggles.  I love this season.

4. Iced sugar cookies from hyvee

5. brown boots weather

6. observing the Lord working on my heart in the most beautiful ways

7. my community growing more and more comfortable with one another

8. Kaie's testimony - God is so clearly been working miracles in her life and it is such a beautiful testimony of His grace.  So thankful to be getting to know her and watch the Lord reveal more of Himself to her.  

9. Color coded dividers.  need I say more?

10. chicken and steak kabobs and garlic butter crescent rolls 

What are you thankful for today?

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