A few random thoughts...

1. I'm ready for fall.

2. College football has started, people! {MIZ!}

3. Interested as to why the Lord continues to put me in situations where public speaking is necessary?

4. Love sitting here on the couch with my love, blogging while he watches the first Monday night football game.  #qualitytime

5. Singing the words that normal people would say to one another is one of my favorite things to do. "Can you pass me that remote please?"; "Can I get a nurse over here?" {CPR dance... don't ask}

Photo creds: pinterest
6. I'm ready for fall.

7. Thankful for pictures. The way they capture specific moments that I would otherwise forget or let fade to the back of my memory.

8. Charlie absolutely loves his armpits to be rubbed.  I love this fact about my cat.

9. I really want to wear a dress tomorrow.

10. I heart cereal for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.  I especially love how mason jars perfectly hold my milk so I can have cereal for lunch at work.  So basically I'm thankful for rubber seals.  #genius

11. Have I mentioned how ready I am for all things fall? {scarves, camp fires, boots, colorful leaves}

What are some of your random thoughts this evening?

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