Update on life as I know it...

Dear Internet, it is amazing how often I thought about how badly I wanted to update you on life... and yet how little time I found to do so.

Here is an attempt to bring you up to speed {Insta-style} on life since May 14th (my last post).  

This precious baby girl was born.  Her name is Olivia Grace and she is absolutely beautiful.  Want to learn more about this beauty and her adorable family?  Check out her momma's blog: Candace's Calling.

Tuesday Girls happened again this summer.  It. was. amazing.  I enjoyed every single Tuesday of this past summer.  We spent our time discussing Follow Me by David Platt, feel free to read a great review of the book here:  Challie's Blog (A great resource I am sure to use before reading most any book I considering spending time to dig into) 

Got some pool time with this lady.  Unfortunately a few moments after this picture was taken, thunder clouds rolled in and started making all kinds of ruckus.  Fortunately, we made it back to my house literally seconds before the downpour.  Call it stubborn {we REALLY wanted pool time} I call it grace.

Oh my goodness... Whitney came into town and we went to dinner one day.  It was so amazing because we were talking about her desire to grow her family.. and a few weeks later we find out... SHE'S PREGGERS!  Can't wait to meet this new little one in 2014!

I have to tell you what a blessing it has been to spend some major time with this group of humans.  {Please excuse the KU swag in the middle... we love him regardless of his sport affiliations... THAT is true community} :)   Oh... Jen started her doctorate this summer... I feel so sophisticated to say one of my best friends is going to be a doc soon!  So proud of her... she will make an amazing administrator for our educational system.

Mom and I went on a flea market day trip to Springfield and back.  Of course we had a couple of stops along the way.  I realize it isn't pictured here... but we DID actually stop and find some goodies at some of my favorite flea markets on the way there and back.

These are the faces we get during Insomnia {youth lock in}.  I love these ladies.  I'd love any commentary on what you think the faces are saying to me.... :)  
So excited to watch the Lord challenge them to grow closer to Himself.  Asking the Lord to use me however He sees fit to encourage their spiritual growth.    

I got to see my brother over Memorial Day weekend.  It was so good to see him.  He was growing out the beard since a few days later he'd begin basic.  So. proud. of. him.

ROAD TRIP with Jamie and Greg to Branson.  To say we shopped until we dropped is an under statement.  This girl knows how to shop.  Seriously!  Had such a blast getting to have a girls car on the way there... and of course stopping for some required BRAUMS on the way.  YUM!  

Just a Tuesday night spent crafting chatting with these lovely ladies.  Have I mentioned that I love my church body.... and the community the Lord continues to place around me?!  

Weekend to Springfield with a couple of my favorites! Got to watch Jen do what she does best... teach. She brought the word to a group of ladies who will lead at her alma mater.  Enjoyed my favorite tacos on this planet as well as my favorite improve comedy show downtown.  I still think we could have swam in the pool... #shouldhavejumpedin

Little sister reunion!  Ok... so I don't have a biological sister.  But in HS the senior guys and girls were paired up with freshman guys and girls and we were encouraged to be their big sister/brother and help them get acquainted with HS.  I couldn't have been paired with anyone better.  Katie and I don't keep in touch like we should... but when we get to reunite it is an instant comfortable connection.  I'm so encouraged to hear how the Lord is using her in her community in northeast MO!  

Another HS friend that came in town from OK and I got to meet her beautiful family.  So thankful to get the few quality moments I had while she was in town.  #missingher

You can bet that I've gotten a few cuddles with these two babies since we last talked.  Of course most of the cuddles came before and after our cousin {below} came to visit for a week.

Dog sitting for my brother/sister-in-law was so much fun.  I love Shylah, she is such a great dog.  She was a great sport as the cats didn't enjoy her company as much as I did.  We DID survive... and we'd gladly do it again!

After 10+ weeks of being a part with just a few minutes of phone time ever few weeks and a letter here and there... my brother and his beautiful bride were reunited!  I didn't get to go to his graduation from basic.. but I'm so thankful for this moment.  I'm excited to watch the Lord take them on their next adventure.

My mantle these days.  Enjoying my instagram prints from PostalPix.  They are adorable and work perfectly for my decor!

Went to the MU game this past weekend with Scott's family.  Had such a great time with them.  The girls went shopping while the guys went to the stadium (we had some time to kill).  Pretty sure I lost 10 pounds just from the walking and sweating.... it was blistering hot and humid.  YUCK.  But we are so thankful because by game time we had overcast which helped cool us down a little.  MU winning always makes it a great time as well.

So this happened... I was cracking up with the photo-bomber behind me after the picture was taken.  lol

PS: Isn't he so handsome?!


The twins are SENIORS?!?!  Can this seriously be so?!


Bowling night with the youth!  I can't believe how fast these ladies are growing up.

Visiting one of our youth students hard at work during a very long 9 hour shift on a Saturday. Oh... and convincing Scott to let me take advantage of the perfect photo opportunity in the lobby.  Love him so much for bearing with my quirks.  :)  {I think he kind of enjoyed this one}

Jen and I are sure to spend some time at Starbucks... doing one or all of the following:
1. solving all of the world's problems
2. evaluating potential mates for Jen
3. evaluating potential mates for our other friends
4. playing detective - we have witnessed a few first dates, a pyramid scheme meeting, and a guy asking a dad for his daughter's hand in marriage - to name a few.

My sister-in-law came through KC on her way back home and I SO enjoyed getting to spend some time with her.  Wishing I had more opportunities for some quality time with this lady.

Starbucks date with Renee! So enjoy discussing life past, present, and future with you.  

Yesterday was Labor Day and Jen and I decided to do a sneak attack on Laina at work.  Worked like a charm - except the fact she saw us coming down the isle.  There was jumping in the isles of Old Navy... you can bet on that one.

What is new in your world?  I've missed you.


  1. I hope this marks your triumphant return to the blog sphere. Love the photo update!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement - it is much appreciated! I hope so too :)

  2. Look at you social butterfly! ;) LOVED that the IG showed you had a baby while you were away! :)

    1. hahaha... I didn't even realize how that looked until after the fact! lol... note to self: be careful which picture I select first. :)