Random Ray...

So I'm sitting here considering some new blog topics... and a perfect title comes to mind.. 'A Day at Work with Ray'.  Then it hit me...I work in a confidential information overload environment and I don't want to have to wipe out all of my readers, I like having you around (I really do!). #CorporateHRproblems

Then another, more realistic, idea came to me:  BLOG SPOTLIGHT.  But please be warned: I will NOT over commit myself by saying I will highlight some of my favorite blogs on a weekly basis.  But I do plan to add this topic to the blog mix.

I have several friends who blog and I love all of their blogs, so please don't be offended if you aren't listed today!

Well you've read an awful lot about Laina, here. I really think you'd be so encouraged by her blog.  Eventually we'll get her convinced to switch from the dark-side and join Blogger.  She is genuine, loves to love others, she loves others WELL, is in college, and loves Jesus- doesn't get much better than that!  I truly love this girl, we are kindred spirits!

So when I first started blogging a couple of years ago, I tried so hard to convince my dear friend, Candace to get started.  She has always been a great writer and she's artsy... which always helps.  So after some convincing-- she gave in--- I am pretty persuasive :)  Well, just as I expected, she has quite the following.  I'd like to ensure everyone takes note when she becomes blog-famous.  What can I say, I know talent when I see it :)  must be the HR coming out!  She has a beautiful little girl and blogs about yummy food that she tries and other random life experiences.

Also consider visiting Ashley's blog, she and I went to college together at good ol' Southwest Bridal Baptist University.  She has adorable kids, pregnant with another little girl, has a beautiful story to tell about being a mom.

So we'll stop there this time.  I have so many others that I love dearly... I'm currently waiting for a few of my dear friends to pick up the blogging memo and update more often... you know who you are! :)

I can't wait to share with you about my weekend- it has been a good one!

What all are you up to this long holiday weekend? What are some of your favorite blogs?


  1. Aw, Thanks for the shout-out Ray! LOVED getting to spend time together last night!

    1. Agreed! I'm excited to do that more often... it can't be another 6 months before we do that again!