Let's Catch Up.. finally continued!

A couple of weekends ago..

One of my old friends (and bridesmaids), who moved to Arizona, was in town for the week after Labor Day.  I had been looking forward to September 7th for a few months now.. knowing and anticipating this long overdue reunion.

Well what I didn't know is that I'd get to reunite with another old friend (and bridesmaid) of mine... who has not moved away.  However, somehow we have managed to let our short physical distance become larger and larger in our friendship.  Why do we do that?  I certainly hope that it won't stay that way.  I forgot how much I miss her.

So even though our heads are cut off, I thought this was adorable.... call it artsy?

What a beautiful fall night it was!!! 

So Jamie knows me pretty darn well.. and she knows how much I love her girls.  She even decided to test me out as a babysitter a couple of Saturdays ago.  I used to babysit ALLLLLL the time for people at church and my parent's friends when I was younger.  But it has been several years... so I was going from 0-3 in no time!

So what would any girl in my situation do?  Call for backup.  So I convinced Scott that it was a great idea for him to help me out so he can get used to holding a baby and knowing what it's like to feed and change them.  Well as we got closer and closer, I got less and less confident in my ability to use this as a teaching opportunity for the hubs.  So I let him off the hook when my good friend, Jen volunteered (yes.. it was her idea) to help me out.  She loves kids and is GREAT with them.  So I felt much more confident in my ability knowing she would be there to be the child whisper at any given moment.

Now, don't get me wrong.  These 3 adorable girls have never done anything that would lead me to believe that this would be a difficult or trying experience.  I was only concerned about MY confidence :)  So I required Jamie to leave me with detailed instructions to ensure a smooth time.

This was Jadyn's 'superstar' pose :) 

Right before she painted my nails... easily the best manicure I've EVER had.... take a look...

There was a LOOOOOT of energy used... a lot of laughter, and side walk chalk!

 One of my favorite moments is when Jadyn wanted to dance in the yard, but kept finding sticks that need to be moved from our dance floor.  At one point she was dragging a stick MUCH bigger than her-- in order to clear our dance floor.  There were a lot of twirling... I forgot how freeing it feels to twirl around without a care in the world :)  I enjoyed being taken back to that place.

Let me tell you- these twin girls, Jemma and Jaycie are absolutely adorable!  They were sleeping during our earlier adventures, so we brought them outside after a nap to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We took a walk to the church parking lot to play ball and the twins were so cute just watching Jadyn play. 

Not sure what resulted in stickers on our forehead, but Jadyn was very intentional about which sticker went where.  

I heart these girls!

K- your turn... catch me up on you!


  1. So excited that you're ready to babysit now ;) Bri and I ate always up for getting together though... So Hannah will have to fight us for time with you! ;)