Resourceful garlic bread...

So, I'm not usually the type that brags about their cooking... mostly b/c there isn't THAT much to brag about.  I have a few meals that I make really well... but I don't usually use recipes ... I'm not the best at following directions when it comes to food.  I tend to think.. 'oh I'm sure this spice would taste good in here'... sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't :)  So I tend to stay with things I'm comfortable cooking.


Did you all cook out over the holiday weekend?  Do you have some extra hamburger buns?  Well... I do have extra hamburger buns- but not from cooking out.  lol

Tonight was spaghetti night. I love me some spaghetti, and nothing goes better with spaghetti than some yuma-licious garlic bread.. better yet- garlic cheese bread!

Growing up we always used leftover hotdog buns for our garlic bread.  So tonight I decided to be 'thrifty' and use our leftover buns from 'taverns' (family version of sloppy joes) as our garlic cheese bread.  I was feeling a little 'cooking-show-ish' tonight so I got a little excited about my spices and it tasted amazing!

So when I say 'cooking-show-ish' I really mean that I am playing a chef on a famous cooking show.  Most of this show happens in my head... but I must say, I'm one of the funniest people I know.

So only the best cooking show hosts set out all of their ingredients and then explain each step they take towards the heavenly result! Internet, I'll spare you the hilarious step by step that played in my head... I don't know you THAT well yet

The hubby doesn't like a bunch of meat in the spaghetti sauce.  Since HyVee doesn't sell 1/2 lbs of 93/7 meat-- I get to let the creative juices flow.  So I decide to brown all of the meat and split it in 1/2 once cooked.  I make the spaghetti sauce out of 1/2 and taco meat out of the remaining 1/2.  That provides 2 lunches for me, on top of the leftover spaghetti!  I LOVE taco meat with tortilla chips.. and I usually take a 100 calorie package of Wholly Guacamole to accompany my taco salad-y remix.

 The finished product, in my adorable Fiestaware dishes!

So tonight I cooked a dinner for 2, and 4 lunches-- that's pretty productive in my book!  
I'm thinking food network needs to contact me stat!  Oh so many show titles...   

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