Let's Catch Up!

I've had a lot going on the last 2 weekends... and several events that are WAAAAAYYYYY worth sharing!

Let's start with Labor Day weekend... yes I'm going to talk to you about happenings from 2 weeks ago.  #sorryaboutit 

Might be old news to you-- but just be excited to relive these moments with me.

So it started on Friday August 31st at 5:30pm.  Scott, Jonathan, and myself started for our weekend adventure to Salem Springs, AR.  Yes... this is a place only worth visiting if you have someone there to see. :)  Lucky for you us... we did!  We were making the trip to AR to visit a few of our college friends (Troy, Danielle, and Cameron) who attend John Brown University. 

Our trip started off with some heavy traffic, but then it was smooth sailing... well at least for me- sitting in the back seat reading a good book and enjoying the rainy day.  Doesn't get much better than that...

Yes, internet, I do use a picture as my bookmark so it will encourage me to open the book again!  I used to need motivation to read-- so glad I'm over that stage of my life.  #collegetextbookburnout

We arrived around 9:30pm to our destination... Troy and Danielle's apartment, where Cameron met us.  They had made yummy tacos, guacamole, salsa, and all the fixin's.  It was adorable to see them being domestic together.. such newlyweds.  I love it!

Jonathan was at least paying attention when I said, 'Hey guys, let me take a picture'

Here is the proof that we did see the campus:

The campus was very pretty... and it was a perfect day to walk around outside!

And proof that we even attempted to break into the Art building....

After touring the campus from outside the buildings... we went to lunch at Zaxby's... a Chik-filA wannabe.  Close, but not really. #sorrynotsorry

We went to a shopping center and walked around for a bit... and of course had to try on sunglasses.  Internet... this is totally normal.

I found this adorable scarf at American Eagle that I can't really stop thinking about. Probably gonna need to find a way to add this to my bday/christmas wishlist.  Yes.. I've already started my wishlists for the year... don't judge me, internet.

After an afternoon of shopping and hanging out, we started our trek back home, with a few planned stops along the way.  We stopped in Joplin and were both encouraged and devastated by what we saw.  It has been over a year since the tragic tornado that took so many lives and scared so many others.  There are several things rebuilt, which is so encouraging.  However, restoration is still needed-- physically and more importantly- spiritually.  I was brought to tears as we drove through and prayed over the rubble.  

We then took an hour or so detour to stop in Springfield, MO on our way home to see Jonathan's sister, and our friend- Lindsey!  Of course, we had to eat at our favorite restaurant there in S-town... Mexican Villa!!! YUM!  

After dinner, we needed some sugar to get us through the last 2.5 hour home-stretch.  So we stopped at Braum's and while we were there... I found a new friend.  

Meet, Mr. Cart.  

It was all Jonathan's fault.. he asked if I needed a cart.  At that very moment... I did.  

I needed that cart to assist my ice cream journey.  So Mr. Cart and I stood in line patiently and ordered our ice cream.  Once we got our order... it all went down from there.  It isn't even funny to write it out... so I won't. Those of you that were there... and as slap-happy as I was, remember the events very well.  I would say this was truly a 'had to be there' moment.  But know that it was hilarious... and worth mentioning!

So we returned Saturday night and on Sunday we heard an amazing message from PBC.. not amazing as in 'oh that made me feel so good' (that's not how SWBC does church)... uhhhh no-- it was challenging, tear provoking kind of impact-actually.  Seriously... it rocked my world. Check it out here ... it was the 9/2/12 message.

After church we went to lunch and had a birthday celebration for Scott's Dad's birthday which it is always good to see his family!  We had some amazing BBQ at my 2nd favorite KC BBQ joint- Gates! Then some of Scott's mom's famous chocolate eclair cake.  Yuuuuummmmm!

Sunday night I had a reunion with some of my closest girlfriends.  It had been so long since we hung out together-- it is pitiful how long it had been.  If this post wasn't already too long.. I'd spend some time chatting about these ladies... but don't worry- it is coming.. so stay tuned!

Then on Labor Day we slept in and went to Santa-Cali-Gon Days to see our new friends, Corey and Ali! Corey is soooooo musically gifted and he had an hour on the gospel stage.  We were so blessed by the songs he wrote and blown away by his talent, and excited for an excuse to get a funnel cake!
  We have a double date scheduled so I'm sure you'll hear more about them later.

So-- I was going to update you on the happenings from this past weekend as well-- however I see this as a great opportunity to dangle a piece of bait in front of you which will make you come back to visit again to find out what happened!  #don'tgettooexcited

Have a great week, lovelies!

What did you do over Labor Day weekend?

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