To Do in 2010 update...

Dear internet,
I am sadly behind in completing my 'To Do in 2010' list.  As you recall from my last update... I have completed a few of my 2010 bucket list... I wish I could report that I have EVEN more to cross off than I did last time... but I cannot.  However, I do have a few to cross off:

#1- Mend an old friendship-  Yes, I feel like I have accomplished this!  It feels wonderful. 

#2- frame the amazing painting my brother got me in Florence, Italy- I finally found a home for this beautiful painting!  I got it stretched at good ol' Hobby Lobby a month or two ago.  It is beautifully displayed on my white shelves in my living room!

#5- Work out routinely- Ok... this is kind of true... I would like to at least acknowledge my progress! Scott and I have been playing tennis lately... lets just say... I. LOVE. TENNIS. I didn't have a very good year last season... and this year I'm starting off with a bang- which helps the desire to play more!  This has been a great work out!

#16- daily find something I'm thankful for and praise the Lord for it- The last week or so I have really been overwhelmed with these daily thankful things... and I wanted to share a few with you.. (in no particular order) :) 
   * Old friends- they are some of the BEST gifts a person can have
   * Husband- the list as to why could be endless here- so I'll just leave you with how bless I feel to have Scott as a part of my life- God totally knows what He is doing!
   * Youth-  The past 6 months or so Scott and I have been sponsors for our youth group and I feel SO blessed to live life with these youngsters!  I learn so much from them... to be honest- I was expecting to do more of the teaching than the learning
   * Family- they are ALWAYS there.  I often take this fact for granted. sadly. 
   * Lilies- K... I thought I had weird weed/plant/tree things growing in the area around my tree in the front yard- well good thing I didn't have Scott yank them out- they are LILIES! They are so stinkin' BEAUTIFUL!!!

Ok... well I will leave you with these- I am still working on most of the rest!  I'd love to hear some of your favorite things... or something you should be proud of for completing in 2010!! 


  1. Tennis is a fantastic workout! It's actually one of the highest calorie burning exercises you can do. I wish I had a court close by!

  2. So #2 looks so so adorable! I can't wait to see you and your beautiful house in July! Also... #16 is one of the reasons I love you! You're such an inspiration Ray! Keep up the good work! :)

  3. This is totally the perfect workout with your other half. I just wish I was better!

  4. Well, I did not know you had a blog either nor did I know you were at the SBU graduation. Had I known, I would have found you and said hello. I am doing well. Working on grad school through a school in the MN and spending the summer in the OH with the fam. How are you? What are you up to these days?