TO DO's in 2010 Update....

I was at a loss for blog topics and I realized I had not updated my TO DO's in 2010 list! So lets reflect on this short, but fast, past couple of months.

#10.  Visit my brother in Denver, CO

Okay... This isn't true.  I drove THROUGH Denver, however, I did not get to visit my bro. :( I am pretty sad about that fact.  I can not truly, in good conscience, check this one off the list.  But, internet, know that I tried.

#11.  Go Skiing *check*

I went to Colorado (Winter Park) with our young adult group at church.  It was amazing!  I LOOOOOVE to ski. However, I was kind of bummed because I had back surgery about 4 years ago and I have not been able to ski since then. My family generally goes to Colorado every year around Christmas... which has always been one of my favorite trips! So this trip I was especially excited to get on the slopes! I was sad at the fact that I was much more nervous to ski than I anticipated.  I took it very slowly... and now I can't wait to get BACK on the slopes and show those slopes who's boss.

#19. Visit Columbia, MO *check*

Scott and I were fortunate to get free tickets to the MU vs Texas basketball game last wednesday.  It. was. a-mazing.  AND I got my favorite greek pizza at G&D's! yummm

#22. Watch the movie "Pride and Prejudice" *check*

My good friend Jen finally rented this movie for me to watch.... we started watching it at her house and got interrupted because my Mr. T and his friend does not enjoy chick flicks like us.  But I did get it completed, and I will admit that I was totally missing out!  I loved it.

For being February... I'm feeling pretty good.  However, I would feel much better about myself if I were putting #4,5,6 into practice.

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