What I've been up to...

A few weeks ago Scott and I went to my favorite BBQ - Jack Stack! YUM!  My favorite location is at the plaza- hands. down.

Well... so pictures are not allowed of this amazing sandwich... or maybe as soon as the plate was put in front of me... I could not think about anything else but enjoying every last bite... not sure.  But there was a beautiful turkey sandwich on that plate...

They bring you out the original BBQ sauce as well as some of the hot sauce... both are wonderful

These are the MUST HAVE sides- Bakes BBQ beans and Cheesy Corn! yum!

Ok... on to other adventures... I recently visited my Alma Mater for my brother-in-law's college graduation... well after some begging- Scott and I got in town early enough that morning to get breakfast at my FAVORITE place downtown Bolivar, MO- if you ever travel through- you must stop by (between 11-2) and get some french toast and coffee (doesn't matter if you like coffee or not... you. must. have. some.)

So many study sessions behind those doors... ahhh.. college memories

Ok... on to my final adventure for this post... my front yard...

Ok... here is where my ANTI-green thumb starts showing itself... as these weird plant/treewannabe things were growing in the area around my tree- I was really concerned as to what they would look like once they were in full bloom- I really thought they were mini trees before they started growing those little bulbs.... I wanted Scott to yank them out... but boy am I glad I decided to wait until I could see what they really were first...

UHHH.... I. KNOW. RIGHT?!  THIS is what came from those once ugly treewannabe plant things... oh my word... absolutely breath taking- when I saw the first one bloom... I was floored!  Well needless to say... I'm obsessed with my beautiful Lilies that live under the tree in my front yard...

I can't wait until they have ALL bloomed!!!

God is so good.  These remind me of how beautiful I am to Him as one of His own... and yet how ugly with sin I was before He saved me... I love that He reminds me of this truth- with. a. flower.  wow.

And now I can't get enough of them... The color... just so amazing.

There are beautiful white lilies too!!! 

These things have made my day.... what makes your day?

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