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Hey lovelies!  

So here is a short update:

I have really been feeling like I need to invest more time soaking in the Lord's promises... I grew up in a Christian home, and know the usual stories... however... I don't always live life as if I deep deep down truly believe His promises.  I was challenged by Beth Moore at her 'So Long Insecurities' conference to make a spiral of notecards with several of His promises on them- with the hopes to truly allow the Lord to change my heart.  

The current video study that my ladies group is going through is put on by Beth Moore as well.  She poses a very sobering question... "Do you believe in your heart of hearts that God is a giver or a taker".  This was really revolutionizing for me.  She asked... "Have you ever thought, 'I'm not sure I want to do this whole 'God thing'; how much will he take from me in able to receive His glory out of me?".... I have never thought about that exact thought... but wow... I have believed that He is a taker rather than a giver- more than once.  Praise the Lord, He IS a GIVER- NOT A TAKER!  That will be a promise on one of my pretty cards.

OK... that was longer than I intended.... now for the craft:

It started with a stack of beautiful scrapbook paper (this was my favorite one!)

Now time to cut the paper into 'index card' size pieces- with the help of my lovely assistant, Jen!  I made a few of these creations a couple of weeks ago.. and tonight- girls night- we decided to make her one and I could always use more!

Adorable, right?! I decided that the square edges weren't doing anything for me... so I rounded the edges with one of my handy scrapbook tools! 
The next step is to place double sided tape on one and tape 2 pieces together- they are much stronger- and way cuter!

This was my first batch- with the cute ring for easy portability!

I ended up with enough to make 2- so here they are!!

OK... so you noticed I don't have any verses/promises on them yet.... I'm still trying to decide how I want to put those on there- I'm not gifted in the 'hand-writting' arena... so I'll be using the good ol' cute fonts and printer option... however- I'm thinking about crinkling the pages and making them look vintage before I put them on... but I'm still trying to come up with all options!  

So... basically what I'm trying to say is... be continued......

Hope you have a wonderful wednesday, lovelies! 

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  1. Yay! What a great idea! I used to keep an index roll of quotes and verses in my purse, and I JUST ran accross my index roll while packing up our apartment! Mine was definitely not cute like YOURS! I can't wait to spend time with you dear!!!