So... I'm pretty new to the whole 'blog' thing, hence the 'Pilot' title, I figure they'll surely get better as they go along... like any good TV show... right?

My life in a few words...

amazing friends
heavenly Father
unconditional love
married to my best friend

So apparently coming up with a list of things I'd like to accomplish in 210 is the 'thing to do'... so here goes nothing....

1. mend an old friendship
2. frame the amazing painting my brother got me in Florence, Italy
3. feel close to the Lord
4. reach my ideal weight
5. work out routinely
6. own a Wii Fit (this will help w/#4 and 5) :)
7. make a snow angel
8. go sledding in my Disney princess plastic sled from my childhood
9. continue my 4.0 GPA in grad school
10. visit my brother in Denver, CO
11. go skiing
12. find the perfect mirror for above my fireplace
13. be completely moved in our new house!
14. save more $ than we spend
15. complete a devotional with Scott
16. daily find something I'm thankful for and praise the Lord for it
17. laugh more... not just the puny laugh.. I mean the good ol' deep laugh!
18. attend a Royal's game where we actually win
19. visit Columbia, MO- gotta see my Tigers
20. go on a road trip
21. ride the Amtrak... I've never been on a train
22. watch the movie "Pride and Prejudice"
23. ride in an airplane again... I LOVE plane rides
24. visit Candace in San Diego, CA
25. Compliment my family and friends more often

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