Missing the bestie...

I really miss my best friend.

She knows me better than anyone else.  (of course, with the exception of my hubby).  But really... she and I have been friends for over 10 years now.. yikes! The last couple of years have been really different for both of us.... we both got engaged and married in that time... I am truly so happy for her.  I miss her.

I miss the times we spent together as roomies in college.  You know those people who say... "don't room with your best friends... your friendship won't last..." they obviously don't know April.  She and I could do anything and everything together and love every second of it.  Laughing... and crying were our specialties... 'Friends' and chick flicks were our choice for entertainment when we weren't entertaining ourselves!

The past year or so I often wonder if our friendship is fading... because I want to spend as much time together as we did in high school and college... but we both know that is unrealistic.  We have entered the real world and all that comes with that.  Full time work... keeping up with the house work... cooking.... being a wife.. all that fun stuff!  While I am glad to be in this stage of life... I am truly loving my 20's!! I still have this longing for my daily best friend time.

Let me just tell you a little bit about this amazing woman of God.  She and I became friends while singing together in our youth praise band.  We knew we'd be best friends forever when during practice one day we were asked to test the microphones by talking/singing in them... so at the exact same time we both start singing, "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts... de-de-le... big ones small ones some as big as your head" a song from 'The Lion King'!  Weird, I know.  But it was at that moment we both knew!  I smile every time I think of that time.  April is the sweetest person you will ever meet.. and internet... I really hope you get to meet her sometime, she is a-mazing.  She is so kind, always thinking of others.  She seems quiet at first... but oh internet... you have no idea... she is not quiet!  Just put the two of us in a room and we will be laughing so hard we pee our pants and not remember why we started laughing. This is true friendship, let me tell you.

Sadly, I have realized that times have changed.  We have grown up and we cannot stay in high school/college mode.  Even though I sometimes debate on reverting to that time of my life. April and I have been forced to go weeks or even a month or so without seeing one another... this has been tough.  I am really starting to feel the effects of not having my April time.  I am a much nicer person when I get to spend time with her.  :)  She has that effect on people.  I wish there were more people in the world like her.  What a better place this would be, trust me on that.

Well... that is me... that is what has been running through my mind lately... over and over again.. how much I miss April.  How much I want to have my daily dose of her again.

That's me, internet. What about you?


  1. That's the worst part about life... things change :( We have to grow up and you know what? I don't want to!! *Sigh*

  2. Remember when I lived in Maryville and you and April came up to spend the weekend with me! That was so much fun!

  3. aw ray, this is so sweet! all I have to say is... what are you waiting for?! go get you some april time! :) but in all seriousness... us married women need girl friends, too. I've learned when I make time for the things I enjoy, I too am a much nicer (and happier) person AND wife. funny how that works. :)

    p.s. love the new blog!