Real Ray Wednesday - Introduction

Okay... I have been trying to decide on a weekly blog topic for the last week or so.... I would like to introduce to you... REAL RAY WEDNESDAY!

I have a few friends that have really inspired me lately to be real... real with myself... real with everyone around me.  I sometimes find myself falling into the trap of the 'FACES' we put on in this world... and I have decided to challenge myself to BE REAL!  So join me every Wednesday for a 'Real Ray-ism'.

Real Ray-ism #1:

I am selfish.  Plain and simple... I tend to think of myself when I should think of others.

Sadly, I have been aware of this truth for a while and yet have decided to ignore it.  Now that I am stating this truth to the blog world... I feel a sense of accountability...

What is something real about you, on this Real Ray Wednesday?! :)

1 comment:

  1. being real with ourselves is so important. and there is a balance, i think, with being selfish and being giving -- a balance that can be hard to find, sometimes.