Here is an insta- update from the last few weeks!

                                        life rearranged

A friend of mine at work pointed out how a lot of my pictures are very similar to one another.... what is funny is - they totally are!  I mean I knew this.. but to me - it is more about documenting the memories from these moments... than what I'm actually capturing in the picture.  But it is funny especially with the photos below! #sorryaboutit

Laina and I were both sick but we couldn't miss this wedding to support such a beautiful couple getting married!  

Jen and I had a girls-only night... it was a much needed girls night!

I got to have coffee with the bestie a couple of weeks ago - so good for my soul.  God knew what He was doing, bringing her into my life.  

Apparently I really like coffee dates with my good friends..... #sorrynotsorry

Jen's birthday was last week and we're celebrating next weekend - stoked to spend an evening celebrating this girl!  This is one of my favorite pics of us from last winter.

We went to the Westport Flea Market for dinner and then Comedy City for some entertainment with the youth group last weekend.  We had a blast... definitely had some cry-laughs that night!

Craft night with these ladies.  Crafting brings us together.... but these evenings are way more than crafting.  I love getting to spend some intentional time building relationships with these ladies.

This is me preparing for the craft night.... food and supplies... truly all ya need!

I had my follow up CT scan and then had my appointment with my doctor to read the scan... so mom treated me to my superhero.... the Z-Man sandwich at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ! 

What are some of  your favorite things from this week?

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