life rearranged

I was honored to be a part of a summer long challenge and got to tell the women of my church all about it last weekend! {more on that to come} 

Jadyn turned 5..... How is this even possible?! 

Mom, dad and I worked on one of my craft dreams.  So thankful for their help! {again- more on that to come}

I was sick this week--- but Molly knew exactly what she could do to help me out.

Also Scott gets a hubby award for bringing me Dr. Pepper and chocolate on my sickest day. #ihearthim

This was a few weeks ago--- but a date at OK Joes!

Worlds of Fun with these goons!!! It was like watching kids at a candy store... Sort of. 

Awe- he is cute.

People... This is my favorite snack. YES: tortilla chips and chocolate chips.

Went to a royals game a while ago with this girl {and a few other special folks}

Mini-Masters happened again this year.... And the girls dominated-- as usual. #GSMlove 

It IS fall!!!

Loved me some cuddles with sweet Livi a couple of weeks ago!! 

Happy Friday!! 

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