Love language of cards...

I love cards.  Yup, that's me.  My love language is giving/receiving cards.

I am not an awesome writer, I am not a fancy pants that makes her own cards.  None of those things... but I love the encouragement that can be given through the written word.  Even better... through snail mail.  There is seriously nothing like it... everyday when I get the mail I always have a tiny tingle in my tummy with anticipation for something exciting to be there.

Not gonna lie, internet, I'm not THAT disappointed when there is nothing but bills and wasted sales pitches in that tiny little glorious box at the end of my driveway.

But putting that key in the whole and turning to the right and opening the door... that is an exciting moment for me.  I know.. it's the little things, right?

Well it gets better... one of my favorite stores is Hallmark (real shocker, right?)... not because of their enormous amount of trinkets and gift wrapping... which I do enjoy from time to time... but because of their CARDS!  I literally get lost in their 'Fresh Ink' section... I spend hours and it feels like a matter of moments.  I read the cards and get ultimate satisfaction when I find a card that immediately is meant for 1 person... and I must buy the card for that person- regardless. I even know the seasons that they remove the 'Fresh Ink' cards from the shelves to make room for the others... so I stock up like a hoarder right before that tragic event takes place!

Take it a step further...if you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love organization and color coding... so I loved creating my 'card box'-- oh and I love the moments where I get to pull that box of love off the shelf and just go to town!

There is nothing like writing a card full of love, encouragement, and affirmation.  Then sealing it up and topping it off with a stamp.  Then the wait begins... how long will it take before they get it, 1 day, 2 days... a week?  Who knows, I don't need to know that they have received the card-- that's not what its about, but it is a game I play with myself.

Something I've done before, and I want to do more often when I sit down to write these cards is to pray over the content I write.  I want the Lord to use me to encourage each recipient the way they need to be encouraged/affirmed/loved that week.  I want to be a small blessing in their life for that 2-3 minutes as they read my card (trying to read my writing can be a challenge, so maybe 5 minutes) and hopefully feel encouraged by what the Lord places on my heart, and often times His own words that He presses on me to include.  I love using the Bible to solidify truth in the words written... I mean you can't argue with His Word, right?!

So that's more about the real me, internet.  Take it or leave it... but I LOOOVE it! 

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