I'mmmm baaacccckkk.....

Hi there.  I know I've been gone a while!  Let me catch you up on life:  I am still madly in love with my best friend and hubby, Scott; I am still serving as a youth sponsor alongside him; I am watching the Lord build an amazing community around me and I mean I. AM. BLESSED.; I am sad to watch my college friends going back to school; I'm still sassy; I started Weight Watchers again this week; I just completed my MBA (with HR concentration) last week and found out 5 minutes ago that I will be graduating in December with a 4.0!

Well that about catches you up to speed. Not sure if I'm just really good at summarizing or if my life hasn't been as busy as it seems the last 2 years.

So today I am turning over a new leaf.  Can't promise that I'll always stay on target, or that I will love this new leaf everyday.  But I will promise a few things:  1) I will be honest 2) I will update you on this journey 3) I will neither obsess over nor neglect the type/amount of food I intake- however I will focus on respect and moderation

CAUTION:  If you read the above and thought 'Oh yes!  Another health nut who blogs all about food and exercise.'... THIS BLOG ISN'T FOR YOU.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you come back to visit- but I am not THAT blogger.

I will blog about my life, my God, my Church, those I live life with, Launch (Young Adult Ministry), Grounded (Youth Ministry), things I'm thankful for, being genuine, and my Weight Watchers experience among other random sassiness that may occur.

Hope you stick around... and I look forward to your honesty, accountability, motivation and encouragement!


  1. Yay!! So proud of you and excited you're back at blogging ;)