2sdayGirlz, how I miss thee...

So typically on a summer night like tonight I would have just gotten home after laughing, praying, crying, talking, reading, discussing this week's chapter of Crazy Love with the other 2sdayGirlz.  However, that didn't happen tonight because summer is about to end... and therefore, 2sdayGirlz has ended for the summer. :(  

It is interesting how 12 weeks with the same group of ladies can become very precious time that truly warms the soul, regardless of age.

So, Raylene-- what is that horrible spelling of Tuesday Girls... and what does it mean?  Well Internet, I'll just tell you:

2sdayGirlz means (To Study, Disciple, and Yak Girlz)-- the 'z' adds a adorable flare!

This started as a great idea among a couple of youth leaders in early spring 2012 'Hey- it'd be fun to get the girls together over the summer for a Bible study'.  God had something even better in mind-- a few months later a couple of the youth girls came to me saying 'Hey- we'd really like to get some girls together over the summer to study a book together!'.  GOD. IS. GOOD.  I loved that these beautiful young ladies knew what their hearts needed and desired it- so I encouraged them to find a book and pick a day/time... so we decided on the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan and met every Tuesday night this summer to discover it together.

It was truly beautiful.

These young ladies are so wise beyond their years.  They desire true community between believers and enjoy encouraging one another and diving into God's truth together.  They are honest, they are forgiving, they are wise.

We created a set of standards and defined 'Girl Code' and each of them took these things seriously and extended so much grace, it was amazing to see at such a young age.  I know when I was their age it was all about ME.  Not these ladies... simply beautiful.

Now, for Crazy Love-- this is a must read.  I know I've talked about it before on here, but I'm for real this time.  There are some amazing truths that really hit the gut-- so beware-- but embrace it... own it!!

So- I miss you 2sdayGirlz and I can't wait until next summer to pick up right where we left off and dive into another book together!  But no worries, internet, we already have several '2sdayGirlz Reunited' sessions in the works :)

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