House into home...

Happy Friday! 

So after 2 years of: "I'll file that later", "I'll get around to cleaning that after school is over", "Wow, honey, we really need to clean that" s... the time is here.  Watch out world, this chick is in a cleaning mood!  Tonight's mission was to conquer the filing (give me a break... gotta start small - or I'll get overwhelmed--and NOBODY wants that, trust me)

With areas that I avoided eye contact with because they look like this: 

It is time to face my fear of death by paper cuts.  And yes... I AM embarrassed by this.. b/c I truly love organization and orderliness!  At work I rock organization's face off :)  Well, it is time to invest in my own home, and my heart is in desperate need of an orderly home after the last 2 years of no time or space in my brain to worry about orderliness.

I sometimes wonder if this disorderly house is part of the reason I constantly want to be on the go... not spending too much time at my house because of the enormous need for cleaning and organizing.  Hmm... that kind of makes sense now that I have a moment to process it all.  Needless to say, I am super glad the Lord has placed this spring-cleaning-mode on my heart. 

I want my house to be my home... so- that is the goal for the weekend! 

So let the sorting and filing begin: this is my favorite part... ORGANIZING!  I just needed the motivation to get started, and internet... did I EVER get motivated!

Well, I have everything I need to set myself up for success:  my 'to be filed' stack; TLC - Say Yes To The Dress-Atlanta; and my phone/camera (had to be sure you got the full effect)

 I'd say it's been a fairly productive night, while the hubby is watching the Chief's game with a friend.  Got some much needed 'me-time'!

So... stay tuned for the next episode of turning my house back into my home! Can't wait!


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    1. Yeah... well organizing others is much easier than organizing myself. I tend to keep more than I really need... so I am having to purge a LOT!