Oh Dr. Pepper... how I miss thee....

"Maybe just sip wouldn't hurt anything"


"Who could I get to drink the rest of the can after just a sip? It would be a shame to waste a good Dr. Pepper"


"Who are you kidding Ray, if I open that can... I WILL be the one to finish that can"


Just wanted to include you in my internal conflict today...

Dear internet,

I did NOT give in... please be proud! 3 days and no Dr. Pepper or headache amazingly enough... which caffeine headache was always my excuse to give back into the wonderfulness that is Dr. Pepper.  Ohhhh no... God has some great stuff up His sleeves this week!  Keep it comin' Big Guy ;)



  1. yay! Maybe I can conquer my Starbucks addiction? Who am I kidding? nahhh.

  2. Maybe soon you'll be able to take "DP" off your "I love" list in your profile?

    I went pop-free a about 5 months ago and it's been hard. I did give in TODAY and had half a DP (I blamed it on a pregnancy craving) and felt SOOO sick for about 3 hours afterwards.

    I could almost feel the syrup lining my keep it up and soon it may just repulse you, Lord willing! :)

  3. Dude, DP is great but sweet tea is better! It is so cruel tho too! That is what is keeping my 54 extra baby weight pounds to NOT GO AWAY!

  4. Rachel- there is no way you could even come close to losing 54 lbs and stay healthy! you do not need to lose anything girl!