Week 1

Good morning lovelies!

Here it is... an attempt to lose weight.  I have wanted this for a very long time and have tried diet after diet only to find that after a month it is hardly a doable lifestyle change.

So here I am, internet, ready for a public attempt.  This will not be easy... I am going to post at least once a week with my current goals for the week along with any progress.   Now this is where you come in... I am going to need some hard core motivation and support from you!

Week 1 Goals:

1. Walk/Jog at least 3 times
2. utilize 'Lose It' application everyday- which helps count daily calories

How can you help?
I'd love suggestions for goals, motivation, encouragement, Biblical support and reminders...

OK... I'm going to work on completing goal #1 by going for a jog... well mostly walk with some jogging here and there- until I get back in the swing of jogging!

But before I go I wanted to update ya:
*I started my MBA program last week- yay!!
*Our church has a prospective pastor- you have no idea how exciting that is!  Even more exciting... I actually like what I've heard about him so far...
*I'm on vacation this entire week- a much needed break- and a perfect time to start my lifestyle change

OK... I'm off for a jog- I'd love to get updated on your lives!  Please let me know how you've been!


  1. Girl, I am in this trench with you! It is so hard and SO not fun. But you can do it and I can do it! Best of luck to you. I hope you feel amazing after your run! I always do...it's getting out there and doing it that's hard for me. So you've crossed the first hurdle!!

  2. Ray! I'm soo proud of you girl! A life style change AND grad school?! You go girl! Kuddos for jogging... I'll walk 5 miles just to avoid jog/running one :)If you need any light recipes... I have a few up my sleeve! Also... I'll try to walk at least 3 times a week too & keep up with my dailyplate.com so we can keep eachother accountable!

    ...and YES lets skype this week! I'm free tomorrow afternoon!

  3. You go, Ray Ray!! You can totally do this...just think, if you keep it up...in a couple of months it'll TOTALLY pay off when you're seeing a change! You've inspired me...I'm gonna start jogging again too : ) Thanks for the motivation!