Open the Gates...

Thinking of taking a trip to Kansas City?!  Want to try the best barbeque from the HOME of BBQ?! Well... let me share with you the top 3 barbeque joints in KC!

Top 3... in order:
1. Jack Stack BBQ
2. Gates BBQ
3. Oklahoma Joe's BBQ

Now... if you mention this order to Scott... he'd tell you I have it all wrong... his favorite is Gates!  Well tonight he was feeling the itching for some true KC BBQ... so we hopped in the car and went down to Gates!  It's a win-win for me... b/c it is right by one of my favorite features of Kansas City... THE PLAZA!

Don't worry... this isn't going to be a boring picture-less post... I had to bring Mr. Sony so that I could take you on our adventure! :)
So...In true "Show Me" fashion...

Tonight... we visit #2 Gates Barbeque!

A couple of things you should know beforehand:
1. the quote on this tray "Hi, may I help you?" That IS what they are yelling at you ... really it is.
2. They are not rude... they are just playing the part... Gates is KNOWN for this atmosphere... and knowing that before you visit makes the experience much better!
#3. You think you have the entire line to figure out what you want... not so much... they will continue to take orders way before you get to the counter... so be ready! - Don't be scared... really.

Wow.... I know... I'll wait as you get a towel for the drool...
K.. glad you're back :)

THIS is my favorite thing at Gates. Single Turkey... and an order of fries.  Now.. this picture is actually of Scott's plate which is a Regular Turkey- which is WAY bigger than what I can handle... and we have to share the fries... look at that plate full! YUM!  
They have AMAZING smoked turkey... words can't describe...
Scott is totally and completely in love with their fries... he would describe them as "the perfectly crunch outside, with the smoothest soft inside"

Scott's first bite... look at that face... pure glee.  (k... it may not really look like 'pure glee'... but trust me.. it's there) 

#5. You'll need to be sure and have several of these...

Empty plate... on to the fries dipped in his favorite barbeque sauce.

Scott's tummy is full... MISSION. ACCOMPLISHED. 

What is YOUR favorite BBQ?


  1. Girl I am with YOU... there is nothin' like some Jack Stack BBQ! I am however, drooling over this post... Gosh I miss Kansas City!

  2. Mmmmmmmmm....
    Don't be mad... but can you believe I have NEVER had bbq???? I didn't even know what it was until recently. Poor Canadian girl right!?

  3. OOOohhhhh, I need me some KC BBQ now! But I was highly disappointed that you didn't mention Arthur Bryants BBQ here. :) Now THAT is KC BBQ at it's finest :) But never-the-less, you did get me drooling...guess I know where I'll be eating next time I'm back home!!! :D

  4. I'm so bummed we don't have good BBQ in Washington! I get so jealous watching the BBQ competitions on the Travel Channel. Jealous and hungry!