grace in community

things I've been pondering lately...

what does grace this look like in community?

it is encouraging people around me in times of stress, exhaustion, busyness, overwhelmed-ness, discouragement, uncertainty, suffering, happiness, rejoicing and .
it is stopping in my tracks and praying for them right where I am
it is telling them how much they mean to me
it is writing them a quick note with a promise from God to rest in
it is crying with them
it is processing with them
it is challenging them and being challenged by them
it is being their positive… when they just don't have it in them and vice versa
it is serving together
it is suffering together
it is investing in one another - even in times of discouragement
it is reacting the way Christ would react to situations (through the grace of the Holy Spirit)
it is relaxing with one another
it is genuinely trusting one another
it is being genuine - removing the 'face' we grew up learning to put on
it is keeping one another accountable
it is loving them well (tough love included)
it is confronting them as accepting confrontation from them
it is guarding their heart with them
it is quality time with them
it is correcting them and being corrected by them
it is living a life of worship together
it is taking risk for the sake of faith
it is carrying one another's burdens with them

What do you mean by community?

it is the local church
it is those around you within the local church
it is not defined by age
it is based on the same core beliefs
it is no defined by stage of life
it is intentionally living a life seeking to abide by the Word together
it is defined by investment
it is living out the gospel together
it takes time
it is a level of comfort - where trust has been fostered and therefore honesty is not only welcomed it is desired

… and so. much. more.

you can read more about my thoughts on church here or my thoughts on community here if you so desire

I'd certainly love to hear your thoughts.  What does grace in community look like to you?

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