Top 11 highlights of 2013...

-MY BROTHER:  GOT MARRIED and started an amazing journey called: the military.  I'm thankful for his adventurous heart and His humility that is truly outstanding.

-This closing out of 2013 marks Scott's 1/2 way done with his BS in Electrical Engineering.  This was his 1st year at UMKC = 4.0, baby! #proudwifey #closerandclosertobabies

-Future Grace: the single most influential book in my walk with Christ, thus far - hands.down. {go ahead and add this book to your New Years resolution}

-GSM ministry and our new focus- I've always enjoyed serving in this ministry, but this past year we have begun to focus on the ministry side: the motives behind, how to be intentional with the gospel, and really evaluate the goals we try to reach for each and everything we do, teach, listen to, watch, and plan.  I'm so thankful for this shift in focus.  Honestly, I was hesitant at first: afraid of the unknown and change. I didn't even realize just how much we were lacking in this area until we started to walk down this road.  Not to mention… I love these students.  I'm so thankful for the way I see the Lord working in the hearts and souls of these students.

-Shane and Shane: re-discovering my all time favorite musical duo has been a huge blessing this year - seems cheesy, I know.  But go ahead and watch this 6 minute video without being impacted by it's truth.

-This year has proved to be the most difficult financial state we've been in as a married couple - and yes, this is one of the top 10.  Why?  because God has used this season of life to grow us so much.  Closer to Him, closer to each other -it's so beautiful.  While most marriages fail over things like financial situations, the Lord has continued to sustain us and truly strengthen our marriage through it all.  How do people do marriages without Christ as the center anyway?

-Discipleship: it's taken most of the year for this to begin, mostly due to my own pride, over scheduled self, and my selfish ways - denying my need.... afraid of what my heart will reveal to another human.  It's interesting how our very {sin} nature is to NOT be vulnerable…

-Relationships: it's interesting to look back at this time last year and reflect on the amazing community The Lord has placed around us. I love growing with these people.

-I got a sister!! I'm so thankful for Melissa and I'm excited to grow old with her as my sister. I'm confident she will keep us both young. :)

-Church: I'm not certain I've sat under teaching any better than what I'm experiencing every week from the pulpit at SWBC.  This year has been an interesting transition regarding church.  Amazing months, and rough and discouraging months.  But one thing is certain - the gospel is the center of this body of believers, and for that I am truly thankful.  I don't ever leave those doors feeling the same way I did when I walked through them - no - I'm challenged, encouraged, convicted, loved, full of worship, overwhelmed by my community.

-Vanilla chai topped with cinnamon from Whistle Stop downtown.  Confession: it might be more about the company than the actual drink... Probably 60/40... Or 80/10

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