This season of life...

Let me please take a moment to set the stage for this post: this is NOT a pity party; this is NOT an 'I'm holier than thou'; or a cry for help--- this IS just the reality for us during this season of life.  I've been avoiding my blog because this is our reality and I haven't been comfortable being vulnerable with you in the midst of this season. {by 'you' I mean those of you that read along with me as I process this life, you're who I'm talking about}

We are abundantly blessed- and we are overwhelmed with this fact this christmas season.  As a part of this live season we haven't been able to do gifts the last couple of years: Christmas, birthday celebrations or otherwise

In a couple of years- Scott will graduate and we will probably begin to feel more comfortable financially... Back to the way it was before 10/2011. {that's a whole other story for a coffee date sometime} However, I pray not everything {my immaturity} goes back to how it was before 10/2011.

I know when this time comes we will be able to start giving gifts again... And I truly look forward to that. I love searching for the perfect gift.

I am writing this post for when I am in that place.  The place where money isn't as tight as it is now.  The place where we can enjoy finding the perfect gift for our loved ones.... I am writing in hopes that I will look back on this....  this season of life when we are so forced to rely on Christ for our every need that it brings me to tears at the ways He continues to provide for us exactly what we need.

Raylene: DON'T. FORGET. don't ever let financial comfort replace relying on Him for your every need.  He does a much better job providing for us than we every could.

A statement of Dave Ramsey's that sticks out to me these days is.. 'live like no one else - so that later you can live like no one else'.  While he made this statement regarding finances.  I rely on this in a little different way.

'live like no one else'embrace these seasons - take in the reliance on Christ we are experiencing through this seasons... learn and grow from these seasons... praise Him for these seasons

'... so that later you can live like no one else': His will is for us to be in this season and it is working for our best and His good... Romans 8:28 becomes reality

I've caught myself preaching myself this sermon often these days.  So thankful for His promises, and the ways He continues to make good on His promises in our lives during this season.

 What we need from you {same you as defined above}:

don't pity us - rejoice with us... in how the Lord has provided
don't cry with us me - encourage us with the truth of the gospel when you think of us
don't worry about us - pray to our ultimate Provider on our behalf
don't feel sorry - feel encouraged by how God is using this season to shape and mature us

be. our. community.


  1. Honestly the years you and Scott are walking through are such wonderful memories of very similar times for Jeff and I...cherish them, learn from then, and you will remember them fondly! Seeing God's provision and resting in His perfect timing and sovereign will for both you and Scott are just a portion of the testimony God is writing out for His plan and His glory Raylene! Rejoicing with you!

    1. Thank you so much, Kim. I so appreciate your encouragement and sharing your experiences/wisdom with me. Know that you are missed dearly, friend. Thank you :)